Whereas poetics characterises a writer and lines express the talent of a designer, Maya Beauty Engineering has a distinctive style which is reflected in all its work.

“The Maya Way” inspires all the company’s choices and ensures the total satisfaction of its partners and customers.

“The Maya Way” is a philosophy that can be summed up in five values: the exclusive use of natural methods, respect for the environment, safety, quality and, most importantly, social ethics. MBE is the first in its industry to create a code of ethics in line with the strictest national and international applicable legislation.


Beauty care is a competitive and varied universe in which it is easy to get lost, and very easy to get confused. Knowing how to operate in this field is important, should not be taken for granted and is worthy of communication.

Maya Beauty Engineering skilfully works in the field of body, face care and wellbeing for men and women who wish to improve their relationships with themselves and, consequently, with others.

Maya Beauty chooses to present itself on the market (to distributors, operators, consumers) with elegance and light heartedness, as it is certain that creating a pleasing look means satisfying the soul. And, far from the anachronistic attitude of underestimating the importance of appearances, it works with the conviction of those who keep their promises. Maya Beauty Engineering. Look does matter.