Welcome to Maya Beauty Engineering’s website. Welcome to all of you who love beauty, believe in wellbeing and in the competence of being able to transfer these values to others.

Since 1988, MBE has been an ally for all those people for whom looking after themselves is important: it is one of the first Italian manufacturers of electro-medical units and medical devices.

Thanks to constant research and precious cooperation with university, engineers and experts of the medical field, MBE has perfected the manufacture of technologies such as radiofrequency, ultrasound, oxygen treatments, connective massage, electroporation and microdermabrasion.

We pioneered the revolutionary So Up method, where multipolar modulated radiofrequency draws a dynamic net and stimulates the more superficial muscle fibres thanks to Mio Regenesys.

Oxygen therapy evolves into being oxygen infusion which, by working together with endodermic massage, creates a unique combination of incredible results, Oxyendodermia.

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