We all know the communicative potential of a radiant face.
Maya Beauty Engineering has created Therma-SKIN to effectively treat progressive ageing of delicate facial skin. How? Through the innovative synergy between radiofrequency and photodynamics.

Wrinkles, couperose and slack skin are the main facial skin flaws that affect women, often from the ages of 30 onwards. Therma-SKIN is an important ally for appearance and mood.


The synergy between radiofrequency and photodynamics guarantees amazing results. While the radiofrequency heats up the tissues giving them a velvety and toned appearance, the red photodynamics, with its stimulating effect, produces a considerable lifting effect.
Thanks to the use of the I’magine cosmetic products at the same time, the skin starts to look younger and the results can be seen right from the very first sessions.

Radiofrequency, the emission of (non-ionising) electromagnetic waves, is applied to the face with the aim of bringing slowed-down physiological processes back to normal. It creates an endothermic effect by transporting energy and heat. And here are the results.

Effects on the face:
- Skin tensor effect
- Filler for wrinkles
- Vasodilation
- Repair/building
- Firming
- Stimulation of the micro-circulation
- Increase in oxygen supply and cell nutrition

Photodynamic energy.
Photodynamic energy is produced through the emission of a beam of light.
Its main function is the reconditioning of skin damaged by transitory lymphatic and venous stasis.

Effects on the face:
- Progressive filling of wrinkles
- Stimulation of fibroblasts
- Redefinition of facial features
- Lifting
- Elasticizing action
- Moisturising action
- Contraction and tension of collagen and elastin fibres

Treatments and Applications.

Simple, pain-free and non-invasive, the Therma-SKIN treatments do not restrict the customer’s normal activities in any way and are ideal for all skin types as they are not surgical or ablative.

The application is based on the use of two handpieces:
1) One with two poles and a red light emitter for treating wrinkles and expression lines, working straight on the edges of them.
2) The other one, which is flat, combines radiofrequency and photodynamics and is designed to work on large areas, producing biostimulation and an effective lifting effect.

Each handpiece corresponds to one or more pre-set treatment protocols, including:

*Imperfections caused by scars and acne

But Therma-SKIN can also be programmed by the operator to create customized treatments. So, the operator has maximum application freedom. In all cases, the use of the I’MAGINE range along with Therma-SKIN enhances and speeds up the results.


A practical bag is available upon request for transporting Therma-SKIN.

To find out more, you can download the complete brochure (.pdf 584KB).